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« We have been collaborating with Armin Linke for many years, first with the AIME project and several exhibitions in Karlsruhe at ZKM and in Toulouse. Armin did a marvelous series of photographic inquiries for the Sciences Po library with an installation in the library itself.

If we are so pleased to have him and his team work on the Make it work simulation, it is also because they have been involved for several years now in the filming of the science and politics of the Anthropocene.

This has resulted in an amazing documentary archives that is artistically magnificent and of extreme interest to show how difficult is the science and diplomacy of ecological questions.

This is why it is both an honour and a chance for us, here at the simulation, to have his team film and document our work as if we were the ‘real thing’. Well, in a way we are the real thing, since our goal is to create through the simulation in the framework of a theatre, a more realistic description of geopolitics than what is feasible in the real United Nations system of the Conferences of Parties.

We welcome Armin Linke’s team because by documenting our effort and turning it in a work of art they will extend the simulation and make it, hopefully, comparable with what they have documented elsewhere in the world. »


Bruno Latour

a project by the University of Art and Design Karlsruhe and SPEAP Paris


Tristan Bera

Lisa Bergmann

Giulia Bruno

Klemens Czurda

Victor Francelli

Florian Haag

Alper Kazokoglu

Armin Linke

Charles Mallison

Laurent Salter

Ana Vaz

Tobias Wotton


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