Written, Designed and Directed by

Rodrigo García


© Marc Ginot

It seems that for every artist the creative process has its own rules: some inherit them, others invent them. In my case, the rules are so obvious that describing them is irrelevant, and would not interest a reader much anyway. How can you describe something as natural as breathing? What is substantial is in an underlying layer of things, and what is valuable in a work is half-buried. If you are looking for a theme, our plays are ideal: our creative process is endless, so it is up to the spectator to find a theme. It can become a pastime, trying to guess what is familiar or evocative. But we put all our energy into the story. Wim Wenders said that just linking two images was enough to make a story appear before our eyes. In 4, the story is concerned with an accumulation of little bells, some coyote heads, people moving around in clothes soaked in soap, turntables playing Beethoven’s 4th symphony, roosters strutting about, some nine year-old girls, a bit of literature, some worms caught by carnivorous plants, a samurai, a game of tennis played against a Courbet painting, cartoons, some thoughts about doggy style, football stadium floodlights and drones bringing dreams to the city in the form of bell music.


Rodrigo García, September 2015

12–22 November 2015


In association with Le Festival d’Automne à Paris


In Spanish with French surtitles


Gonzalo Cunill, Núria Lloansi, Juan Loriente, Juan Navarro

With the participation of two little girls

Assistant Director

John Romão

Set and Lighting Design

Sylvie Mélis


Christilla Vasserot

Video Design

Serge Monségu, Daniel Romero, Ramón Diago

Sound Design

Daniel Romero, Serge Monségu, Juan Navarro

Digital Artist

Daniel Romero


Marie Delphin

Stage Management

Frédéric Razoux

Lighting Operators

Martine André, Thomas Clément de Givry

Head Stage Hand

Cédric Bossu

Video Technician

Pierre Vidry

Sound Operators

Sergé Monségu, Alexandre Flory

Dates and playing times

Every day at 8:30pm, Thursday at 7:30pm, Sunday at 3:30pm

Monday off

Running time

About 1 hour 30 minutes


Salle transformable

Premiered 5-7 November at the theater Humain Trop Humain, CDN Montpellier.