Ça ira (1) Fin de Louis

A new play written and directed by

Joël Pommerat

Ça ira (1) Fin de Louis

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“This is not a political play but a play about politics” says Joel Pommerat about his latest work. In a world overwhelmed by revolutionary “springs”, and while Europe is shaken by the return of nationalism and radicalization, the playwright and director Joël Pommerat takes another look at the history of the French Revolution. How can we take hold of this burning historical material – with its mythic status – and clarify its relationship to our time? Ça ira (1) Fin de Louis is more interested in the revolutionary process than in heroes: it observes the mechanisms governing individual actions, and emphasizes the collective aspect of political action. Were the French revolutionaries truly ready to hold power? What were the real formative influences on them, what were their real interests and ideologies? As the foundation event of modern democracy, the French Revolution is the basis of the ideas and values ​​that constitute them. With this new show Joël Pommerat makes an aesthetic break with his past, leaving behind the arena and traverse stagings he is known for. In this production, a direct end-on configuration puts the text center-stage, and the actor finds himself confronting a large assembly of spectators, where he must play out once again the invention of “the social contract”. The performance is punctuated by archival material, speeches and improvisations, in a drive to “reconstruct a reality that we did not witness first hand”.


Sophie Joubert

4-29 November 2015



Saadia Bentaïeb, Agnès Berthon, Yannick Choirat, Éric Feldman, Philippe Frécon, Yvain Juillard, Anthony Moreau, Ruth Olaizola, Gérard Potier, Anne Rotger, David Sighicelli, Maxime Tshibangu, Simon Verjans, Bogdan Zamfir

Set and Lighting Design

Éric Soyer

Costume Design / Esthetic Research

Isabelle Deffin


François Leymarie, Grégoire Leymarie


Marion Boudier

Associate Artists

Marie Piemontese, Philippe Carbonneaux

Assistant Director

Lucia Trotta

Historical Associate

Guillaume Mazeau

Technical and Production Management

Emmanuel Abate

Set Building

Thomas Ramon, Artom and Nanterre-Amandiers workshops

Light Technicians

Julien Chatenet, Gwendal Malard

Sound Operator

Grégoire Leymarie

Stage Hands

Jean-Pierre Costanziello, Mathieu Mironnet, Pierre-Yves Le Borgne


Claire Lezer, Siegrid Petit-Imbert, Lise Crétiaux

Dates and times

Every day at 7:30pm except Sunday at 3:30pm

Monday off

Running time

4 hours 20 minutes

(including intervals)


Grande salle

Premiere 16 September 2015 at Manège‑Mons, as part of “Mons Capitale de la culture”.