Corps diplomatique


Halory Goerger

Corps Diplomatique

© Didier Crasnault

Corps diplomatique is both a science fiction show and a philosophical tale, a reflection on the future of humanity and a manifesto of avant-garde theater. Five amateur astronauts are sent into outer space on a one-way journey with a mission: to procreate, write a play, rehearse and perform it for tens of thousands of years. In this caustic and absurd comedy, Halory Goerger puts one of his pet experiments to the test: what would happen if, instead of sending into space a gold plate inscribed with the quintessence of human creativity, NASA launched a theatre play that would have eternity to develop? What art forms would emerge from this research, free of any time constraints? At first inspired by a desire for a clean slate and community ideals, the occupants of this bright white stage are soon facing a creative vacuum and their first disappointments. Condensing thousands of years into a 90-minute show, Corps diplomatique traces the slow evolution of a utopia, from its first avant-garde impulses to its decline and fall. A very smart piece of metatheater, Halory Goerger’s latest work offers us an intergalactic odyssey, while showing us the bewildering results of a strange research project.


Marion Siéfert

10-17 March 2016
Devised and performed by

Albane Aubry, Mélanie Bestel, Arnaud Boulogne, Dominique Gilliot, Halory Goerger

Set Construction and Stage Management

Émilie Godreuil

IT development and interface design

Antoine Villeret, Cyrille Henry

Sound and Video Management

Robin Mignot, Stéphane Lévêque

Electronic Integration

Robin Mignot

Lighting Design

Annie Leuridan


Aurélie Noble

Added Music

Martin Granger

Artistic Advisor

Mylène Benoit

Stage Design

Halory Goerger and the Nanterre‑Amandiers workshops

Make up consultant

Manue Brechet

Executive Production

Marion Le Guerroué from “L’Amicale De Production”

Performance times

Everyday at 8:30pm except Thursday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 3:30pm

Running time

1 hour 30 minutes


Salle transformable

Premiere 11 March 2015 at the Phénix scène nationale Valenciennes, France.