La Possible impossible maison

Forced Entertainment

La Possible impossible maison

© Vlatka Horvat

In La Possible impossible maison, you are the main character. The curtain opens on a cardboard stage, and you enter a mysterious house. It’s the beginning of a journey into a world where everything is possible and impossible. A picture of a girl doodled in an algebra book is signaling to you to follow her. It’s nighttime, and the house is immense, and like a maze. With your new friend, you are looking for a spider who got lost. On your way, you meet a motley crew of characters: a flock of rowdy comical birds, a talking mouse, a not-so-very- frightening-ghost and a troop of dancing soldiers. There is also a very stubborn rhinoceros. There are many other things, even more bizarre, but we are not going to tell you now. You are accompanied on this journey by a slightly pretentious guide and by a mischievous lady who does all the sounds effects for the story. Sometimes they argue about who’s going to tell the next bit. But they always end up helping each other so the adventure can go on. La Possible impossible maison is a fantastic tale: it’s a play which could be a movie, and it’s a cartoon – or even a dream – you might have in your head. In this show is all the humor and inventiveness of the British company Forced Entertainment. It is suitable for children, and also for everyone who loves the theater and wonderful stories.


Marion Siéfert

9, 12 and 13 December 2015

Suitable for all audiences, 6 years+


Part of Nanterre city’s Young People’s Season

Directed by

Tim Etchells

Artistic Associates for the French version

Terry O’Connor, Pascale Petraila


Alain Borek, Judith Goudal


Vlatka Horvat, Tim Etchells

Set Design

Richard Lowdon


Nigel Edwards

Dates (General Public)

Wednesday 9 Dec. 2:30pm,

Saturday 12 Dec. 6:30pm,

Sunday 13 Dec. 3:30pm

Dates (Schools Performances)

Tuesday 8, Wednesday 9, Thursday 10, Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 December at 10am.

Running time

1 hour 10 minutes


Salle transformable

English premiere at The Barbican Theatre, London 17 December 2014.

Remounted in French at the Théâtre Vidy‑Lausanne 6 October 2015.