L’Effet de Serge

Concept, Staging and Design by

Philippe Quesne

The Serge Effect

© Pierre Grosbois

Every Sunday, Serge invites a few friends over to his apartment, where he presents them a performance lasting between one and three minutes. Somewhere between amateur performance and minimalist, quasi-experimental art, these micro-performances in Serge’s apartment express a sort of poetry of everyday life, celebrating simple creativity and the quiet pleasure of a shared enthusiasm. Week after week, and with a gentle melancholy, Serge experiments with luminous laser drawings, tests the effects of a piece of contemporary music, or reveals the dreamlike power of a set of car headlights. The purple carpet in his living room, the table tennis table, the TV in the corner, a half-eaten packet of chips, and all the other little artifacts scattered around the room, present the familiar yet extraordinary landscape of a daily life that comes into being for the short, dense moments of these curiously spectacular events. L’Effet de Serge is opened to different guests each evening (Serge’s friends): it is an ordered and yet spontaneous event – a kind of photographic plate on which unexpected things are imprinted. This piece reveals all the work of Philippe Quesne and the Vivarium Studio, buoyed up by the utopia of a little community. Designed for the actor Gaëtan Vourc’h in 2007, L’Effet de Serge is reprised once a month at Nanterre-Amandiers, thus becoming part of the repertoire, presented with the same regularity as Serge’s Sunday ritual.


Marion Siéfert

Throughout the season

Gaëtan Vourc’h, Isabelle Angotti and different guests for each performance

Stage Manager

Marc Chevillon

Technical and Artistic Associate

Cyril Gomez‑Mathieu

Dates and times

4 October 2015 at 6pm

22 November 2015 at 6pm

12 December 2015 at 8:30pm

13 December 2015 at 6pm

7 February 2016 at 6pm

13 March 2016 at 6pm

3 April 2016 at 6pm

10 April 2016 at 6pm

Running time

75 minutes



Premiere in November 2007 at the Ménagerie de Verre, Paris.