Unusual Weather Phenomena Project

Conceived, Directed, Written and Designed by

Thom Luz

Unusual Weather Phenomena Project

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With Unusual Weather Phenomena Project, Zurich-based Director Thom Luz transforms the stage into a skyscape filled with strange weather: rain falling upwards, a quadruple sunset, the sequence of seasons in reverse, the appearance of luminous spheres… All these observations, based on reputable eyewitness accounts, are recorded by William R. Corliss, in A Handbook of Unusual Natural Phenomena, published in 1977. This unorthodox scholar eschews standard scientific methodology, and rather than trying to explain the rules governing nature, he enthusiastically explores all that appears abnormal and improbable. From this anthology of unusual natural phenomena, Thom Luz builds a theater of wonder, in which the weather is transcribed into a musical language, and in which musicians and performers become “time-makers”. Starting from plain, everyday situations the show blossom into a magical realism, driven by curious theatrical machinery. Tracing the history of human interpretation of our changing climate, this piece of musical theater deals with our present, whilst evoking with a light touch the end of the world.


Marion Siéfert

6-10 April 2016


In German with French surtitles


Michael Flury, Martin Hofstetter, Mara Miribung, Evelinn Trouble, Mathias Weibel

Musical Direction

Mathias Weibel

Stage Design

Thom Luz

Costume and Light Design

Tina Bleuler


Martin Hofstetter

Performance times

Every day at 8:30pm except: Thursday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 3:30pm

Running time

1 hour 15 minutes


Grande salle

Premiere March 2016 at the Gessnerallee, Zürich, Switzerland.