Ajax, Œdipe, Électre

Directed by

Gwenaël Morin

© Martin Argyroglo

Following last season’s production of Les Molière de Vitez, Gwenaël Morin and his company of young actors return to Nanterre-Amandiers with Sophocles’ three tragedies: Ajax, Œdipe and Électre, in new translations by Irene Bonnaud and Malika Bastin-Hammou. Continuing his exploration of the classics, and treating them as “symbolic public spaces”, Morin keeps to his rules: to make theatre out of nothing but the power of the writing and the energy of the actors; to cast his productions at random, avoiding stereotypes and conventional gender classifications; and to allow the unexpected to inform his creation. The three plays are staged for the open air and will be performed once only, back-to-back, in the Parc André-Malraux on 10 September at the break of day (5 am). Through these three dramas belonging to our collective consciousness, Gwenaël Morin paints a picture of humanity wrestling with its own destiny, and losing control. Sophocles’ Ajax, Œdipe and Électre depict lone individuals caught up in tragic conflicts in which one order is in opposition to another: and Morin tests our willingness to approach the common ground portrayed. Through a process of repetition and the breaking down of control, these plays are restored to the chaos from whence they came. As the protagonists discover what they had already suspected, the unexpected rises up before us with the poetic clarity of a sudden flight of birds.

At dawn on 10 September 2016
Directed by

Gwenaël Morin



Ajax and Électre translated from Greek into French by

Irène Bonnaud

Œdipe translated from Greek into French by

Malika Bastin–Hammou


Michaël Comte, Marion Couzinié, Lucas Delesvaux, Chloé Giraud, Pierre Laloge, Julien Michel, Maxime Roger, Judith Rutkowski, Thomas Tressy

Assistant Director

Philippe Mangenot

Performance times

Ajax 5am

Œdipe 7am

Électre 9am


Three plays back-to-back starting at 5am

Running times

Each play runs 1 hour 40 minutes


Outdoors, in the Parc André-Malraux, Nanterre.

The theatre will be open as a meeting point from midnight onwards.


Free admission, by reservation

Premiered July 2015 at the Théâtre du Point du Jour, Lyon.