Studio visit

Sheila Hicks


Linen, pigments on acrylic fibre, nets, 650 x 350cm / courtesy of the artist © Cristobal Zanartu

American artist Sheila Hicks has dedicated her life to textiles and fibres which she transfigures into multi-dimensional artworks. In 1964, Sheila Hicks decided to set up a new life and studio in Paris. There she made her workshop the centre of an open body of work, in which fibres and textiles form an “international language” that is tactile, sensitive and direct. For Hicks, the process of creation is in constant flux – fuelled by encounters and dialogues, by the study of specific cultures and techniques, by the architecture of occupied space. Apprentissages, her project for the Festival d’Automne à Paris, is a three-part journey, taking place from September to December in successive appearances. Part one is at the Musée Carnavelet, where Sheila Hicks’ world interacts with the eclectic architecture of this museum dedicated to the history of Paris. The second appearance will be along the urban promenade, with a series of shop windows inhabited by the characteristic flourishes of Hicks’ chromatic, pictorial and textile-based vocabulary. Finally, the vast set-design workshop at Nanterre-Amandiers will be opened to the public exclusively for this occasion, when the artist re-exhibits her previous works in the midst of a resolutely modern architecture. This “black box”, normally dedicated to theatrical production, becomes the unusual setting for an artistic project on the scale of the place itself: a raw space brought to life by colours, materials and transitory visitors. Nothing is set in stone, so we must remain open. Apprentissages welcomes us on a free-form journey of “initiation”: an encounter with artworks, with materials, and with spaces which enrich the shared experience of the body and of memory, the artist’s as much as our own.

9-17 December 2016



In association with Le Festival d’Automne à Paris


Sheila Hicks

Exhibition curator

Clément Dirié

Viewing times

Friday 9 December 6pm-9pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday 2:30pm-7:30pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 2:30pm-8:30pm


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Free admission, by reservation