Babarman, Mon cirque pour un royaume

Conceived, written and designed by

Sophie Perez and Xavier Boussiron

© Marc Domage

When Sophie Perez and Xavier Boussiron create a piece of children’s theatre, they bring to it the same dedication as to every one of their shows. The circus with its characteristically shabby enchantment, the fairground where improbable hybridizations mingle, and the popular space full of bizarre and unnamed shapes – all these inspire the imagination of la Compagnie du Zerep. For Babarman, Mon cirque pour un royaume, a small circus tent is set up on stage. Inside, away from their parents’ worried or jaded expressions, young audience members mingle, to perform, sing, play musical instruments, have snacks, and in the spirit of a village fair, they take part in the adventures of Babar. The grownups in the audience sit outside the tent, in the auditorium. From this backstage area behind the scenery, they hear echoes of freedom and liveliness emanating from an unknown world while they gaze at a stage as desolate as a Wild West landscape. As ever with the Compagnie Zerep, the relationship to the audience, to theatricality and to playing is always at the centre of the creative process, which in this production visibly triggers the dynamic tension between the hidden and the revealed. The play makes a political statement, taking the pastel coloured world of this children’s character as its starting point, only to joyfully shatter its flat and reassuring normality. Alice in Wonderland, or even Shakespeare cannot be far away…

12-21 May 2017



A show for all ages from 7 years upwards

Conceived, written and designed by

Sophie Perez and Xavier Boussiron


Sophie Lenoir, Gilles Gaston Dreyfus, Stéphane Roger, Marlène Saldana

(further cast announcements to come)


Sophie Perez, Corine Petitpierre


Xavier Boussiron

Stage Manager

Léo Garnier

Light Designer

Fabrice Combier

Light Operator

Gildas Roudaut


Félix Perdreau

Set construction

Nanterre-Amandiers Workshops


Daniel Mestanza

Head Stage Hand

Adrien Castillot


Julie Pagnier

Performance times

Wednesday 2:30pm

Friday 7:30pm

Saturday 6pm

Sunday 3:30pm

Running time (estimated)

1 hour


Salle transformable