It has a Golden Sun and an Elderly Grey Moon

Conception and direction

Ulla von Brandenburg

© Martin Argyroglo

It has a Golden Sun and an Elderly Grey Moon is the first film Ulla von Brandenburg has dedicated to colour. It is a film that she shot on the main stage of Nanterre-Amandiers. It’s a long, continuous shot, without editing; a “danced film”. “The initial idea was to make a film in colour, unlike my previous work. From the moment colour came into one of my films, I decided that the film would be dedicated to that. The dancers are in a white space, each holding a cloth dyed a bright colour.” The stage set is structured by two great white staircases ascending to a platform. The figure of ‘the staircase’ is a recurring motif in Ulla von Brandenburg’s artistic language: sometimes overturned in her architectural spaces, it is also the first step towards narrative. In this film the staircase is a way to represent, physically and symbolically, power relations between men and the hierarchy of authority. This is the first time Ulla von Brandenburg has engaged with dancers in her work. They manipulate coloured fabrics: and both the fabric and the colours become the subject of their interactions and ceremonies. Their movements evoke memories of ancient rituals; and their bodies are vectors of instinctive rhythms – a kind of collective state of consciousness, evoking the choreographic forms of eurhythmy and modern expressionist dance.

12-15 January 2017


Conception and direction

Ulla von Brandenburg


Matthieu Doze


Duncan Evennou, Hélène Iratchet, Christophe Ives, Viviana Moin, Giuseppe Molino, Benoît Résillot, Pauline Simon


Laurent Coltelloni

First assistant camera

Mathias Sabourdin

Chief Lighting Technician

Marianne Lamour

Key Grip

Stéphane Germain

Post Production Supervisor

Laurent Montaron

Executive Production Officer

Sabine Tarry

Props and Costume Assistants

Valentina Dotti, Carina Solothurnmann

Producing Organisations

Karo Sieben, Nogent-l’Artaud


Nanterre-Amandiers Workshops

Screening times

Continuous screening, starting 1 hour before performances of Une mouette et autres cas d’espèces.

Running time (estimated)

20 minutes


Grande salle


Free admission, with reservation

Super 16 mm colour Film.