La Grande montée

Musical creation


© Benjamin Nuel / Arnaud & Bertrand Dezoteux

Since their first album came out in 2008, Cheveu (Nicolas Etienne, Olivier Demeaux and David Lemoine) have been playing irreverent, audacious and humorous rock. At first labelled “garage rock”, this unclassifiable trio, driven by the binary sound of Casio® keyboards, never cease to amaze with every new album, as they twist the rules of modern pop. Saturated, dirty and raw, their sound makes forays into pop (most notably on the album, Bum), borrows from jazz, and evolves continually through collaborations. With Israeli composer Maya Dunietz, they were able to work with members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra; more recently, they started recording an album with Group Doueh, Sahrawi musicians who make wedding music. At Nanterre-Amandiers, they are laying the groundwork for an opera project in collaboration with stage director Julien Fišera. Somewhere between musical theatre and rock concert, Cheveu’s raw-boned style takes the stage to tell the story of Marco Pantani, the 1990s Italian cycling champion – the Zidane of cycling and an icon of the Tour de France doping scandals. Exploring a different relationship to the stage without abandoning their characteristic energy, Cheveu is pushing the boundaries of theatre and rushing into the breach they’ve opened up with their live gigs. We’re seeing more than just music on stage; we see real people, human beings exposed.

Le 25 février 2017


Musical creation



Étienne Nicolas


Olivier Demeaux


David Lemoine

Directed by

Julien Fišera


Maya Dunietz


Camera Sei : Sarah-Anaïs Crevier-Goulet, Emily Lechner, Damien Delescluse, Pierre Pinson


Teamlandscape and Alexandre Barth

Performance time

Saturday 25 February 9pm


Grande salle