L’Île aux vers de terre

Devised and directed by

Cécile Fraysse / Compagnie AMK

© Boris Kohlmayer

Two puppeteers in camouflage suits; a guitarist disguised as a seal; and strange pink earthworms, docile yet disturbing, busily digging through the entrails of the stage set – these are the strange companions of Nanook and his grandmother as they go on their adventure. Under lighting that changes with the seasons, submerged in fabrics and foliage, the island that gives its name to this new show is an organism which breathes and crackles with energy. It is a living heap of soil, criss-crossed with tunnels and passageways – the secret springs of a story as old as the earth itself. Equipped with mini telescopes, young spectators are encouraged to look closely at the plasticity and artifice of the stage set. Playing both with our sense of scale and with our purely physical sensations, Cécile Fraysse questions our relationship to the world, to age and time, whilst probing our fears and dreams.

5-13 November 2016

A show for all ages from 6 years upwards

Devised and directed by

Cécile Fraysse / Compagnie AMK


Junie Monnier, Agnès Oudot


Boris Kohlmayer

Light Designer

Fred Moreau

Sound Designer

Madame Miniature

Performance times

Saturday and Sunday 3:30pm

Schools performances

7-10 November 2016

Part of Nanterre City’s Young People’s Season

Running time (estimated)

50 minutes