Night of the moles

Concept, Staging and Scenography

Philippe Quesne

© Martin Argyroglo

Once seven moles, digging their burrows, landed on a theatre stage. And suddenly the spectators could watch these underground creatures living, eating, sleeping, dying, working, giving birth, copulating, having fun and starting a rock band… Seven moles living together – a utopia for a supposedly solitary animal! La Nuit des Taupes plunges the audience into a parallel world, free of words and of humans, a world that was conquered by claws and pickaxes… but also an electric world that vibrates with the underground music we hear in our garages and basements. In this blunt and explosive show, Philippe Quesne avoids storytelling and concentrates on the essence of his work: exploring materials and the power of music, constructing spaces, and creating light that bathes his characters. In this plastic and cardboard underground, furnished with styrofoam rocks and wooden shelters, a precarious reality is transposed with poetic rage into the liminal and fantasmatic world of caves. Remnants of ancient myths, the atmosphere of social science fiction films, and the shadows of early cinema are blended together with a punkish glee. Philippe Quesne creates stage figures using costume and animals, and gives us a profoundly theatrical work where the scenography is in constant mutation. The moles’ resolute breakthrough has opened up a world of draperies and hidden doors, where artifice is revealed without losing its wonder.

5-26 November 2016


Concept, Staging and Scenography

Philippe Quesne


Yvan Clédat, Jean-Charles Dumay, Léo Gobin, Erwan Ha Kyoon Larcher, Sébastien Jacobs, Thomas Suire, Gaëtan Vourc’h


Corine Petitpierre, assisted by Anne Tesson

Dramaturgical team

Léo Gobin, Lancelot Hamelin, Ismael Jude, Smaranda Olcèse

Artistic and Technical Associates

Marc Chevillon, Yvan Clédat, Élodie Dauguet, Abigail Fowler, Thomas Laigle

Nanterre-Amandiers Technical crew

Patrick Bonnereau, Joachim Fosset, Alain Gravier, Pauline Jakobiak, Jean-Christophe Soussi

Nanterre-Amandiers Workshops crew

Michel Arnould, Philippe Binard, Alix Boillot, Jérôme Chrétien, Jean-Pierre Druelle, Fanny Gautreau, Marie Maresca, Myrtille Pichon, Olivier Remy, Claude Sangiorgi

Scenography and set dressing interns

Chloé Chabaud, Juliette Seigneur, Amélie Wellan


Karelle Durand et Lydie Lalaux

Performance times

Wednesday, Friday at 8:30pm

Thursday, Saturday at 7:30pm (except Saturday 5 November at 8:30pm)

Sunday at 3:30pm

Running time

1 hour 20 minutes


Salle transformable

Premiered 6 May 2016 at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels.