Conceived and directed by

Jonathan Capdevielle

© Estelle Hanania

The second part of a theatrical autobiography that began with Adishatz/Adieu (2009), Saga is a journey to the land of childhood. At once actor, observer and author of a family tragicomedy, Jonathan Capdevielle orchestrates a symphony of words and phrases, telescoping memories and baroque situations, to tell a tale of his dark yet euphoric childhood years. And while the actors’ voices immerse us in the events of that period (late 80s-early 90s), memories come flooding in, at first chaotically, mingling and succeeding one another: from gravity to celebration; from dangerous to comical; from life to death. And through this self-portrait there emerges the portrait of a region: the Pyrenees, a remote rural world with its own personalities, language and culture; its own ways of living and feeling. A virtuoso expression of the vision of childhood, Saga traces the movement of memory, evokes in dramatic strokes salient moments in the form of the confused and abstract images coupled with long-dormant feelings. For this show, written with his sister Sylvie, Jonathan Capdevielle combines the brute force of a child’s first impressions with his own considerable stage experience. Structured by the haphazard appearance of characters who are conjured up by circumstance, Saga speaks of metamorphosis – that of the stage, but also that of the children we once were, and whom we keep within us still.

21-26 February 2017
Conceived and directed by

Jonathan Capdevielle


Jonathan Capdevielle, with the participation of Sylvie Capdevielle and Jonathan Drillet

Translation into Occitan

Joseph Fourcade


Jonathan Capdevielle, Marika Dreistadt, Jonathan Drillet, Franck Saurel

Artistic collaborator / Assistant Director

Jonathan Drillet

Conception and scenography

Nadia Lauro

Assistant Scenographer

Romain Guillet


Patrick Riou

Stage Management / Head Stage Hand / Live sound effects

Jérôme Masson

Sound Technician

Vanessa Court

Animal Costume made by

Daniel Cendron

Traditional costumes made by

Cécilia Delestre


Sophie Laly, Jonathan Capdevielle


Kyliann Capdevielle

Artistic Associates

Gisèle Vienne, Virginie Hammel

Performance times

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30pm

Thursday 7:30pm

Saturday 6:30pm

Sunday 3:30pm

Running time

2 hours


Salle transformable

Premiered 23 February 2015 at the Parvis Scène nationale Tarbes-Pyrénées.