Trois Grandes Fugues


Lucinda Childs, Maguy Marin, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

© Jaime Roque de la Cruz

The Lyon Opera Ballet will bring to life three works in its repertoire, all based on Beethoven’s Great Fugue op.133, and featuring three major choreographers of our time: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Maguy Marin and Lucinda Childs. How does each artist assert control over this maelstrom of chords, in which Beethoven pushes the art of counterpoint to maximum intensity? Through the same musical score, the same notes, each one of these choreographers reveals their intimate signature – through physical structures; relations between bodies; unity and divergence in rhythm and melody. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker was the first, in 1992, to tackle this monument of instrumental music. De Keersmaeker austerely directs the performance to Beethoven’s music, wishing “to construct a vocabulary that is masculine, non-classical and gendered”, marked by the motif of falling. Maguy Marin’s relationship to “great music” is suffused with freedom and fantasy. Marin responds to the dark tones of the Great Fugue with her characteristically offbeat approach: a quartet of women in red, in a seething turmoil, whose bodies keep time, leap, collapse, straighten or dislocate. In a kind of reverse chronology, Lucinda Childs closes this procession with a last Great Fugue for twelve dancers in six couples, created especially for the Lyon Opera Ballet. A pioneer of the relationship between dance and music (her minimalist rigor influenced De Keersmaeker’s early works on the music of Steve Reich), and 36 years after Dance, Lucinda Childs has lost nothing of her creative force.

15, 16 and 17 December 2016

As part of the portrait of Lucinda Childs presented by le Festival d’Automne à Paris


Lucinda Childs, Maguy Marin, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon



Lucinda Childs


Caitlin Scranton


Beethoven, Die Grosse Fuge op.133

Set, lights and costumes

Dominique Drillot


A work for 12 dancers


Premiere by the Lyon Opera Ballet 17 November 2016.



Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker


Beethoven, Die Grosse Fuge op.133

Stage direction

Jean-Luc Ducourt

Set and Lights

Jan Joris Lamers


Ann Weckx


A work for 8 dancers


Premiered by the Rosas company in 1992 at the Halles de Schaerbeek. Entered the repertoire of the Lyon Opera Ballet 12 February 2006.



Maguy Marin


Beethoven, Die Grosse Fuge op.133


Chantal Cloupet


François Renard


A work for 4 dancers


Premiered by the Compagnie Maguy Marin 17 March 2001 at l’Espace Jean Poperen de Meyzieu. Entered the repertoire of the Lyon Opera Ballet 12 February 2006.

Performance times

Thursday 7:30pm

Friday, Saturday 8:30pm

Running time

1 hour 15 minutes


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