Visite d’atelier (La Fille du collectionneur)


Théo Mercier

© Martin Argyroglo

After the presentation of his rock opera, Du futur faisons table rase, at Nanterre-Amandiers in 2014, Théo Mercier opens his studio to the public. There he unveils the origins of his next piece, La Fille du collectionneur – to be launched in November 2017 at Nanterre-Amandiers – which will bring together François Chaignaud, Jonathan Drillet, Thomas Gonzalez, Marlène Saldana and Pauline Jambet. In his creative research laboratory, the artist reveals to visitors the fiction of a mysterious collection kept secret for decades, which has taken root in the “real world” in the most alarming way. For this visit, he enlists the participation of other creatives, in particular the craftsmen of the theatre scenery workshop. Still lives, tableaux and post-organic sculptures mark out a curious trail, effecting unlikely encounters, while leaving considerable room for the living. Théo Mercier’s intention is to fog the way, to lead us down a meandering path – from the studio of a mysterious, anonymous artist to the stores of a future contemporary art foundation…

14 January 2017



Théo Mercier

Scenography, paintings and sculptures by

Théo Mercier, Arthur Hoffner

Assistant Art Director

Florent Jacob


Laurent Durupt


4:30pm – 9pm


Atelier décor


Free admission, by reservation