99 Words for Void

Concept and staging

Lond Malmborg

99 Words for Void

© Tarvo Hanno Varres

Two medieval knights are called to save the world from a crisis in which our fundamental values are threatened. Unfortunately, they do not know the values they are supposed to be defending… In this funny and poetic fight of fancy, the two heroes unveil a society sunk in neo-liberal individualism. The play acts upon us like a funny and salutary jolt of artistic electricity, in which the hope of a European utopia is joyfully reborn from the ashes where it was left.

15 – 16 December 2017
Concept and staging

Maike & Iggy Lond Malmborg


Maike & Iggy Lond Malmborg


Johan Jönson

Production Stage Manager

Kalle Tikas

Assisted by

Taavet Jansen, Revo Koplus

Assistant Director

Mairika Plakso


Maike Lond Malmborg, Tarvo Hanno Varres

Performance times


Running time

1 hour 35 minutes


Plateau de la grande salle


In english with French surtitles

Premiered 11 November 2015 at Kanuti Gildi SAAL – Tallinn, Estonie.