Théâtre du Radeau

Staging and Scenography

François Tanguy

© Brigitte Enguerand

Soubresaut is a theatrical poem in which languages and epochs are laid over each other. The characters are both physical and spectral, inhabitants of a waking dream, dancing on an unstable platform in search of horizontality. A horizon which, while always uncertain, offers us a theatre that endlessly reinvents its own time and space. The images fade when we try to grasp them, and our freedom to associate freely is made possible by the Théâtre du Radeau.

Du 22 septembre au 8 octobre 2017

In association with Le Festival d’Automne à Paris

Staging and Scenography

François Tanguy

Sound design

Éric Goudard, François Tanguy


François Fauvel, Julienne HavlicekRochereau, François Tanguy


Didier Bardoux, Frode Bjørnstad, Anne Baudoux, Ida Hertu, Vincent Joly, Karine Pierre, Jean Rochereau

Production Stage Manager

François Fauvel


Éric Goudard


Pascal Bence, Frode Bjørnstad, François Fauvel, Éric Goudard, Julienne Havlicek-Rochereau, Vincent Joly, Jimmy Péchard, François Tanguy

Performance times

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. 8:30pm

Thursday 8pm

Saturday 7pm

(Sunday 24 September 5pm

Sunday 1st October 5pm

Sunday 8 October 3:30pm)

Running time

1 hour 20 minutes


Salle transformable

Premiered 2 November 2016 at Théâtre national de Bretagne – Rennes (France).