Week-end estonien

Maike & iggy lond malmborg, Kris Lemsalu, Ene-Liis Semper & Tiit OjasOo / compagnie TEATER N099, Maria Metsalu

Kris Lemsalu, © Liisa Kivi

Week End Estonien is an event featuring the Estonian contemporary (performing) arts at Nanterre in France. Aiming to introduce Estonian art to the local agile audiences. Minifestival takes place at the famous Nanterre-Amandiers Theatre in Nanterres, the satellite city of Paris, that is led by acknowledged author-director Philippe Quesne, who has compiled the program of the event.


Week End Estonien is the second event initiated by Kanuti Gildi SAAL on the occasion of celebrating 100 years of the Republic of Estonia and Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. This minifestival is an abstract of the current state in (performing)arts in Estonia containing performances, film, installative experiences – all this simultaneously affirming belonging per se into the cultural space of Europe as well as bringing out the singularities.


French audience has a chance to enjoy the installation “Star” by Kris Lemsalu, video works and exclusive performance “The Crypt” by Maria Metsalu, documentary “Ash and money” by Tiit Ojasoo and Ene-Liis Semper / Theatre NO99 and the performance “99 words for void” by Iggy and Maike Lond Malmborg. Participating artists will also play some music at the festive ending of the Week End Estonien.






Representations the 15th and 16th of decembre at 7:00pm


Two medieval knights are called to save the world from a crisis in which our fundamental values are threatened. 

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Free entrance

An orange parachutist is caught in the latticework on the exploded ceiling. Like an alien from another star, he dangles with his deflated head on his shoulders and his body seeking a point of support with his knee, entangled in an alien reality. A party animal in a top hat – Daniel in the lion’s den – whose David Bowie-like different coloured eyes have fallen into the puddle of the local galaxy. Here, bloodthirsty savages are quenching their thirst, but none of those present seem to be planning to create a storm.


Kris Lemsalu (b. 1985) is an artist based in Berlin and Tallinn. She has studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen, and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Having studied ceramics at the Art Academy in Estonia, Lemsalu often experiments with traditional techniques to create her multilayered works. Animal body parts or delicate sculptures of clothing objects made of porcelain are mixed with found natural materials – fur, leather, wool – to create staged installations. These can be a self-sufficient sci-fi-like narratives, or alternatively act as a stage for Lemsalu’s own performances; sometimes the sculptures become part of her costumes. Although the themes are often chilling, dark or distant, and the overall finish is rough, Lemsalu’s works appear fragile and luxurious at the same time, highlighting the cynical aspect of art’s desirability, as much as providing an antidote to that cynicism by means of humour and irony.


More information about Kris Lemsalu


Ene-Liis Semper & TiIt OJasOo / compagnie TEATER N099


Projection Saturday the 16th of decembre at 17h
Free entrance
Language In estonian subtitled in English
Duration 1h40

In 2010 Theatre NO99 came out with a production that theatralised the whole Estonian society. NO75 Unified Estonia assembly was a fictious political movement created by Theatre NO99 that a large portion of the public treated as a real political force. In a unique way it combined performing arts, politics, media and civil society. For the 44 days from the first press conference to the culmination of the founding assembly of the fictious party with 7000 people attending, Unified Estonia was followed by a film team that thoroughly documented the project.


NO55 Ash and Money is the first film project by Theatre NO99. It is a full lenght making-of documentary that sheds light into how NO75 Unified Estonia came to be, interviews the people behind the project and also many political figures in office at the time and looks into how the process of creating possibly the biggest contemporary performing arts event in recent European history evolved in real time. Unified Estonia encompassed the fears and hopes, the manipulations and dissapointments connected with how politics is made in contemporary democracies. It was a stunt of fictious hyperpopulism meant to make the true populism in real life redundant. The documentary shows the full variety of emotions and the dramatic turns that were experienced by the makers of Unified Estonia.


More informations about Teater NO99




Projection of videos continuously the 15th and 16th of decembre
Performance «The Crypt» Saturday the 16th of decembre at
 22h45. Duration : 40 minutes
Free entrance

© Alan Proosa

For the special edition for Nanterre – Amandiers Maria Metsalu will showcase and summon three female characters from three of her past works – “Mademoiselle x” (2017), “Fuchsia” (2016) and “Life and death of Maria Balkana” (2014). The three mutate into one entity as specific fragments are brought back from the crypt. In “The Crypt” Metsalu’s body seems to aim for its own disintegration and reconciliation when mirrored through the beholder’s gaze by her investing in precarious intensities, oscillating between states of pleasure, indifference and suffering. Throughout these three works Metsalu questions the arbitrariness of her working life through acts of self-display as an object of spectacle – something that she both embraces and refuses – and has an interest in creating an almost all-inclusive structure, which can accommodate both chaos and its refusal through an organising symmetry and iconography imagery. It is unwise to summon what you cannot dismiss.


Maria Metsalu is an Estonian performer and artist, who finished SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam in 2016. In her work she has an ongoing interest in the production of her own persona, self-mythologisation of it and her own autopoiesis. Exploring physical and virtual realities, bringing them together, understanding the differences of those two in terms of interaction, social exchange and transformation are important aspects of her research process. She is one of the founding members of international performance collective Young boy dancing group.


More informations about Maria Metsalu

The 15th and 16th of decembre 2017


Friday 15th of decembre


07:00pm :

Spectacle 99 Words for Void

by Maike & Iggy Lond Malmborg

Duration : 1h35


Continuously :

Installation of Star by Kris Lemsalu

Projections of Maria Metsalu’s videos


Saturday the 16th of decembre


05:00pm :

Projection of the film N055 – Ash and Money by the compagny Teater NO99

Duration : 1h40


07:00pm :

Spectacle 99 Words for Void by Maike & Iggy Lond Malmborg

Duration : 1h35


10:45pm :

Performance The Crypt by Maria Metsalu

Duration : 40 minutes


Continuously :

Installation of Star by Kris Lemsalu

Projections of Maria Metsalu’s videos


Starting at 11:00pm :

DJ set de Lond Malmborg et Maria Metsalu